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photo of gymnazium


В Омске отмечают День города

Картинка новости

В Омске стартовали праздничные мероприятия, посвященные 306-й годовщине со дня…

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Проект "Все для Победы"

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Общероссийский народный фронт запустил всероссийский проект «Все для Победы»,…

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Welcome to school №159!

Welcome to the website of the budget educational institution of Omsk City "Gymnasium № 159"

Our gymnasium - a sensitive, attentive and highly qualified teachers and naughty curious students, intelligent and understanding parents, excellent social partners. This site is about you and for You!

The budget educational institution of Omsk "Gymnasium № 159" It founded in 1995 and has an interesting history. founder is Department of Education Administration of the Omsk city.

Gymnasium has a license to carry out educational activities, certificate of state accreditation. In its activities is guided by the Articles of Association of the gymnasium.

Information about the School

Our Gymnasium - your right choice!

Read the rules of admission to our school, with training programs and other useful information you can by clicking on "Welcome to school"